ACROCOVID II Survey – a second international survey assessing the continuing impact of COVID-19 on the lives and care of people living with acromegaly

The objective of the ACROCOVID survey is to better understand the ongoing impact and management of patients living with acromegaly during COVID-19, the barriers experienced and identify potential new ways to manage patients in the changing clinical environment.

Developed in partnership with international experts and the World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations:

Maria Fleseriu
Oregon Health & Science University, Pituitary Center, USA

Mark Gurnell
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK

We have developed two surveys to understand the views of Endocrinologists and people living with acromegaly. The surveys have been translated into a number of languages, which will enable global participation. We plan to submit key data to future meetings and a publication in due course.

This survey is hosted by COR2ED, funded by an independent medical educational grant from Ipsen.